The New Yorker

The New Yorker publishes a short story in each issue, and also has an annual "fiction issue" with multiple stories. Below are the stories that were translated from Chinese (ie, doesn't include stories by Yiyun Li (李翊云) or Ha Jin (哈金), which were originally written in English).


Silver Tigernewyorker.comLu YangEric AbrahamsenMay 2018Online
Victorynewyorker.comYu HuaAllan BarrAug 2013Online
Bullnewyorker.comMo YanHoward GoldblattNov 2012Online
The Abandonernewyorker.comMa JianFlora DrewMay 2004Online
The Accidentnewyorker.comGao XingjianMabel LeeJun 2003Online
The Templenewyorker.comGao XingjianMabel LeeFeb 2003Online

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