Literary Shanghai


"Literary Shanghai is a community of Chinese & international writers, translators, and readers who gather monthly for literary talks, readings, workshops, and outings. The group aims for a local and regional focus, and seeks to bring writers and readers from various backgrounds and languages together into a more active community that accurately represents the arts in our region." (copied from the webpage)


Child Labour, Liangshanliteraryshanghai.comZheng XiaoqiongYu Yan ChenSep 2019Online
The Strange Bank at Kawutuliteraryshanghai.comLi JuanYu Yan ChenAug 2019Online
The Pink Coachliteraryshanghai.comLi JuanYu Yan ChenMay 2019Online
Assembly Lineliteraryshanghai.comZheng XiaoqiongYu Yan ChenFeb 2018Online
The Distanceliteraryshanghai.comZheng XiaoqiongYu Yan ChenFeb 2018Online
Twenty Centimeters to Springliteraryshanghai.comLi JuanYu Yan ChenJan 2018Online

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