David Hawkes (1923 – 2009)

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David Hawkes (1923 – 2009) studied Chinese at Oxford between 1945 and 1947, then spent 1948 to 1951 in Beijing, studying at the National Peking University, before returning to teach and research in Oxford. David passed away July 31, 2009.

Hawkes' translation of the first 80 chapters of The Story of the Stone (aka The Dream of the Red Chamber, 红楼梦) is considered by many to be the canonical English version of the text, and is now a Penguin classic. Hawkes' translations of the Chuci (楚辞, as Songs of the South) and of Du Fu (杜甫, as A Little Primer of Tu Fu), are also highly regarded, and excellent introductions to Chinese poetry.


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