Notes on Paper Republic and the Translation Community, Part 2

By Eric Abrahamsen, published

A few days ago we published a statement on the site regarding Paper Republic's stance on racism, and support for BIPOC translators. After more discussion with the community, we posted a further statement on Twitter, which we're reposting here:

Paper Republic condemns the racism that has played, and continues to play, a fundamental role in shaping the fields of translation and publishing, and in preventing the voices of BIPOC translators from being heard.

We condemn racist translation practices both overt and covert, including bridge translation, and any other practice which devalues or discounts the work of BIPOC translators.

We apologize to Yilin Wang for the personal racist attacks she's had to endure during the course of this exchange, and we apologize to everyone watching for how long it's taken us to respond appropriately to the situation.

Our immediate course of action will be to take responsibility for community postings on Paper Republic: we will no longer permit unmoderated posts.

For the longer term, we are starting conversations with people in the community, and are considering what active programming we can put in place to support BIPOC translators and writers.

This initiative will require more research; we're likely to take Yilin's suggestion of either a community survey, or a "town hall" type event.


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