Book Expo America, 2015

By Eric Abrahamsen, published

Book Expo America, the largest US book fair, is schedule for late May 2015, and a certain ancient civilization is going to be the Guest of Honor. That means BEA is going to get the Frankfurt-2009/London-2012 treatment, with a small army of Chinese writers and publishers and "other" descending on New York for a few weeks.

Right about now is when the list of lucky writers is being compiled, and we'll have some small say in the compilation. They'll take into account which writers have recently published books in English (thanks again to Nicky Harman and Helen Wang for their timely compilation. Now I'm going to the peanut gallery with two additional questions:

  1. Who among you (translators or publishers) have English-language translations coming out next year, ideally (but not necessarily) in the US, and ideally (but not necessarily) in the first half of the year?
  2. Publications aside, who do you think should go? Who would make an interesting addition to the delegation?

Please comment here, or email me directly. Thanks!


# 1.   
  1. I translated a book called Beijing Beijing by Feng Tang, and I presume it will come out sometime this month or early next year, but my publisher has not given me an exact date. It is being published in the US.
  2. Good question! I'd like to see someone who is good at stimulating some lively discussion as well as good at writing, but I can't think of any particular names.

Michelle, December 1, 2014, 3:38p.m.

# 2.   

Feng Tang is on the list! It's good to know Beijing, Beijing will be out sooner rather than later. He also speaks good English, definitely a good candidate for events!

 Eric Abrahamsen, December 2, 2014, 2:07a.m.

# 3.   

I think the attendants of this great event should include representatives from grassroots like me. Most of the guests in your list may have becomed bored by too many social events and it is predictable they will not publicize the influence of the event as hard as I do. The visit to the book fair might be a story I will tell even to my unborn grandchildren. Think of it.

Lao Zhang, December 3, 2014, 5:24a.m.

# 4.   

Wang Anyi's Tianxiang will be published in English in early 2015, I think.

Anna Chen, December 18, 2014, 7:34p.m.


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