Asymptote: New Online Journal of Literature and Art in Translation

By Canaan Morse, published

The official announcement of Asymptote's first issue:

The inaugural issue of ASYMPTOTE is now out and features original essays by Mary Gaitskill and Alain de Botton, fiction by Thomas Bernhard and Yoram Kaniuk, poems by Aimé Césaire, Ko Un, Gleb Shulpyakov, Pura López-Colomé and Habib Tengour; drama by Toshiki Okada; visual poetry from Iceland (on video) and Japan; a Swedish Poetry Special Feature, a recreation of one day in the life of Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu, an interview with Francis Li Zhuoxiong(2010 World Cup songwriter) and more.

In total, ASYMPTOTE presents more than thirty-five authors via some of the finest translators working today, including Clayton Eshleman, Forrest Gander, Soren Gauger, Rika Lesser, Pierre Joris and Howard Goldblatt. Also in ASYMPTOTE’s debut issue are critical essays and reviews of the latest books. All of it is available free online at our aesthetically exciting website, where we post not only the translated texts, but also, when available, the works in their original languages, audio recordings of those originals, and accompanying artwork specially curated for each issue. Visit our website here and check out our submission guidelines if you'd like to be featured alongside Edith Grossman, who has already consented to an interview for Issue 2.

Canaan: Everything in duotext, and there are audio samples from a few of the originals. I recommend listening to Ko Un's poetry; I had no idea that Korean could sound so much more severe than even Japanese.


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