Silk Road Update: GoogleTranslate Now Does Uyghur

By Bruce Humes, published

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GoogleTranslate offers translation to/from several of China's indigenous languages, the latest being Uyghur.

Others are Kazakh, Korean, Kyrgyz and Mongolian.

Turkmen and Tatar have also just joined the club -- and Turkish had long been available -- so Google Translate is doing a decent job of adding Turkic languages.

But in terms of written scripts used by a large number of PRC citizens, one stands out as missing on this list: Tibetan. It appears that its inclusion is underway, but I don't have any details.


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For excerpts of 21st century Uyghur fiction, check out:

Sidik Golden MobOff and Confessions of a Jade Lord by Alat Asem and

Bloodline by Patigül

Bruce Humes, February 28, 2020, 2:14a.m.


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