Chinese Literary Magazine Coming in Arabic

By Bruce Humes, published

Ahramonline reports:

An Arabic edition of the magazine Chinese Literature has been launched during the Beijing International Book Fair and will be distributed for free starting October as a periodical magazine issued every three months in partnership with the Egyptian cultural newspaper Al-Kahera.

The magazine, which is already published in 10 languages and comprises fiction, poetry and art, will be published under the name Beacons of the Silk Road, and will introduce contemporary Chinese literature to Arabic readers.

I'm wondering: Is this the newest edition of Pathlight?


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It is. (The Chinese title should give it away: 丝路之灯. See what they did there?)

Dave Haysom, September 3, 2016, 11:56a.m.

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联想与印证──中国思想的理解过程 谢选骏 Understanding Originality of the Thinking of the Chinese by Association and Corroboration

susan, September 17, 2016, 7:02p.m.

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谁是梦,谁是梦鸟/ 世界昏睡我会喧嚣/ 谁是梦,谁是梦鸟/ 继绝世,播种神妙。

谁阅遍了所有世界/ 洞悉那些阴暗底蕴/ 没有悲伤没有开心/ 他知晓人间的背景。

谁是梦,谁是梦鸟/ 羲和金光镀遍死角/ 阴暗收敛他就退休/ 转回穷庐独自思考。

有几声淡淡啼叫/ 还记得恶鬼多少/ 请听我悄悄告诉/ 点破迷津的梦乌。


susan, September 17, 2016, 7:44p.m.


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