Was there a conflict of interest behind the Nobel literature prize?


"But now the integrity of that prize has come under question in Sweden" - Swedish National Television puts the spotlight on the translator "Göran Malmqvist, a sinologist and member of the Swedish Academy, was instrumental in Mo's selection, lobbying the academy to recognize the Chinese writer and providing Swedish translations of the writer's work to other members of the academy."

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Literary troll Zhang Yiyi 张一一 (who in 2011 accused Malmqvist of accepting bribes from Chinese authors) has been hammering this angle since late August, first citing a reliable source to claim that Mo Yan had given substantial payoffs to Malmqvist for the translation of his work into Swedish, and then, when it was pointed out that the Swedish translations had actually been done by Anna Gustafsson Chen, spinning a grand conspiracy theory in which Malmqvist directed Chen, his former student, to undertake the translations and took a 40% cut for himself. In an online interview, Zhang said he would not be surprised if Mo Yan won the Nobel as a result of this scheme. Later, however, he pledged to run naked along the Great Wall in the unlikely event of a Mo Yan win. He is currently seeking sponsorship...

jdmartinsen, October 19, 2012, 7:29a.m.

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XX除了會各種噁心的炒作,為此沒有底線地妖言惑眾,還能做啥純粹是男版鳳姐。 看看他一直以來的言行,和大眾歷來的反應便知。


Fish, October 19, 2012, 8:03a.m.

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Anna Gustafsson Chen has weighed in with her thoughts on this idiocy.

Brendan, October 19, 2012, 2:10p.m.

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40% of almost 0 is not enough for anyone to compromise themselves in that way. Also, I'm still waiting for Zhang Yiyi's plastic surgery transformation into Shakespeare and for Yan Geling to recieve the Nobel Prize, as Zhang promised.

Anna GC, October 19, 2012, 11:14p.m.

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Oh, maybe this is of interest: a recent interview with Zhang Yiyi.


I should point out, though, that Malmqvist's critics in Sweden didn't mention Zhang at all.

Anna GC, October 19, 2012, 11:18p.m.


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