Interview with Can Xue

There are very few progressive Chinese people right now, so I pin my hopes on the young. They are in their 20s now. In another 20 years, when they encounter problems spiritually, or when materialism cannot meet their needs, they might pick up one of my books, because I write to empower people, to make them independent, to develop their qualities as human beings.

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thanks for sharing this interview with 残雪. Will check out her works
标题: 童年 - 茅境诗抄

你用一张桌子占着童年 你用一把扇子占着夏天 我们在路边吹嘘自己的父亲 直到天色黯淡,蚊子跟我们走一程 雨打芭蕉叶,扯高了竹笋 也把墙头的田七叶子一层层涂成墨绿 淹死的同学在村东的河 他变成了木槿还是枸杞谁能告知 我们追逐田鼠,它们的命运正如我们长大以后的命运 那条被我们挂在黑板的蛇,那条被我们一棍子打断脊梁的蛇 是否还能追逐田鼠把它们逼入绝境 河岸的石头稀稀落落 石缝里种了苦楝,种了美丽的苦瓜 等到苦瓜红了,等到苦楝开花 童年已远远离开了你 农民弯腰,面朝黑土 背上有牛虻,小腿有蚂蟥 有时太阳,有时蓑衣 有时候挑着大粪颤巍巍,有时候把粪勺扔在田埂 田埂上三个农民,1943年被日本人一枪打断了三根脖子 那时候的秧苗还在疯长 那时候的稻稗长得更快 拔掉稻稗,扔到路上晒死 我的同学退学,她美丽文静的脸很快像稻草枯萎 一个小小的医院 常常有嚎啕的少妇扶着老公的尸体 常常有少妇被丈夫殴打,随口把农药喝下 她偷了队里的粮食被罚了一部电影 我们奔走相告我们又看了一次闪闪的红星 童年的河岸堆满危险 冬天的火泥是我们烤红薯的好去处 河岸的泥潭,一不小心把你的伙伴吞下 谁也找不见 你找到水浮莲的春天 你找到水藻的春天 我们都知道紫云英没有春天 春天到了,她们被犁头卷起,埋入地狱 20061122

Susan, June 1, 2016, 3:22p.m.

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where's 胖胖鹭? when work needs him, he's not there...


My childhood was all carved onto this classroom desk I shared with you.

Your little folding fan unfolds all my memory of 'no school' summer time

We bragged about stories of our fathers by the muddy road

till night falls and mosquitos started buzzing, telling their hungry woo by our ears and following our footsteps for a mile.

His/Your turn ...

Susan, June 1, 2016, 5:21p.m.

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read behind the byline

哑石 a math Univ. prof. near Chengdu? that's interesting...

came across 朵渔(1973- )

susan, June 2, 2016, 2:18p.m.

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this is a fun translation, done by Ming Di and Katie Farris

在一首名为《诗歌中的三秒钟的寂静》的诗里, 她写道:“在一首诗中给我三秒钟的寂静, 我就能在其中写出满天的乌云。

In a poem called “Three Seconds of Silence in Poetry”

she wrote: “Silence in a poem, give me a minute and in it

I can spin the nine yards of sky.”

susan, June 2, 2016, 2:39p.m.


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