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Black Flame, by Heihe
Later, on Tuesday afternoon, MacLachlan and Fizet head towards the Chinese pavilion, where MacLachlan will talk about a book she knows little about. The Chinese have scheduled a press conference to announce the English-language edition of Black Flame, a children’s book to be released by Anansi’s sister publisher, Groundwood Books, in 2013.... The emcee, a young woman in a black cocktail dresses, describes Heihe, the book’s author, as “one of the most popular authors of animal stories in China.” The book is about a puppy orphaned after its mother is killed by a snow leopard. After a short speech from Huang Jian, president and publisher of Jieli Publishing House, the book’s Chinese publisher, MacLachlan takes the podium. Normally an assured public speaker, she seems out of her element.

This book is translated by Anna Holmwood


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I noticed a related Chinese news item on April 24 but couldn't find the English names of the publisher or the author. The former because the Canadian publisher, Groundwood Books,was rendered as 格兰伍德, a transliteration rather than a legal company name.

It will be interesting to see the author's name when published. A Chinese citizen who goes by the pen name of Black Stork (黑鹤), if I am not mistaken (!) his actual name -- he is an ethnic Mongolian -- is Geriletu Qimuge. According to the Chinese news item (动物文学作品) , he raises a variety of large dogs originating in Central Asia, and spends several months a year in the grasslands of Hulunbuir.

Bruce Humes
Griots, Âşık & Dronggyan: Itinerant Storytellers of Africa, Central Asia and China

Bruce Humes, April 28, 2012, 8:37p.m.


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