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酒国 (lit. Republic of Wine)

Novel by Mo Yan.


Republic of Wine

Translated by Howard Goldblatt, April, 2001

Set in the fictional province of Liquorland, this tall tale begins with a rumor of cannibal feasts featuring children as the delectable main course. In response, Chinese officials send special investigator Ding Gou'er to look into the allegations. He arrives by coal truck at the Mount Lao Coal Mine, where he meets the legendary Diamond Jin, Vice-Minister of the Liquorland Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Bureau, a man known for an epic ability to hold his booze. Almost at once, Ding's worst fears seem to be realized when he is invited to a special dinner, given enough alcohol to stun an ox, and then served what appears to be "a golden, incredibly fragrant little boy."


Republic of Wine Arcade Publishing April 2001 UK

Original Publications:

酒国 Chunfeng Art and Literature Press 2005, January (Mainland China)