Beijing Guomi Digital Technology Co., Ltd

Beijing Guomi Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is a young and vigorous company registered in Beijing, China. Most of the founders are authors.

The mission of the company is to bring the best Chinese books to global audience, and at the same time, good foreign books to Chinese readers. Another idea is to connect together as many authors as possible to communicate on writing skills, marketing perspectives, and copyright protection. We have a social network for writers in China, which appeals to both published authors and rookies, to discuss professional questions and have fun together. [copied from , January 2016]


The Blade of SilenceLei MiHolger NahmDec 2013Mainland China
ProfilerLei MiGabriel AscherDec 2013Mainland China
Skinner's BoxLei MiGaines PostDec 2013Mainland China
Into the AbyssXu LeiGabriel AscherJul 2013Mainland China
Curse 5.0Liu CixinHolger NahmMay 2013Mainland China
With Her EyesLiu CixinHolger NahmAug 2012Mainland China
The Longest FallLiu CixinHolger NahmAug 2012Mainland China
Of Ants and DinosaursLiu CixinHolger NahmMay 2012Mainland China
MountainLiu CixinHolger NahmApr 2012Mainland China
Sun of ChinaLiu CixinHolger NahmMar 2012Mainland China
The Micro-AgeLiu CixinHolger NahmMar 2012Mainland China
DevourerLiu CixinHolger NahmMar 2012Mainland China
The Wandering EarthLiu CixinHolger NahmMar 2012Mainland China

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