It's Women In Translation Month - and Paper Republic has been busy...

By Nicky Harman, published

August is Women in Translation Month – and we're recommending some excellent women writing in Chinese.
From June 2015 to June 2016, the Read Paper Republic team published a short story/essay/poem translated from Chinese, one a week for a year. For last year’s #WITmonth we published four pieces written by women and translated by women (nos 7-10). The rest of the time, we didn’t pay too much attention to the gender of the writer. So it’s cheering to see that over the entire year, of the 53 pieces we published, 22 were written by women. They are all available online – free to view. Thank you to all our authors and translators.
Also , in May 2016, we drew up a list for The Literary Hub, of 10 CHINESE WOMEN WHOSE WRITING SHOULD BE TRANSLATED: WRITING FROM MAINLAND CHINA, HONG KONG, AND TAIWAN. Read it here:

(RPR-2) “The Road to the Weeping Spring” — by Li Juan, tr Lucy Johnston 李娟 《通往滴水泉的路》

(RPR-3) “January: Bridges” — by Dorothy Tse, tr Nicky Harman 謝曉虹 《一月桥》

(RPR-4) “Binary” — by Zhang Yueran, tr Jeremy Tiang 张悦然 《二进制》

(RPR-7) “Regurgitated” — by Dorothy Tse, tr Karen Curtis 謝曉虹 《吞吐》

(RPR-8) “Missing” — by Li Jingrui, tr Helen Wang 李静睿 《失踪》

(RPR-9) “A Woman, At Forty” — by Zhang Ling, tr Emily Jones 张翎 《女人四十》

(RPR-10) “Sissy Zhong” — by Yan Ge, tr Nicky Harman 颜歌 《钟腻哥》

(RPR-11) “1966: Locomotive” — by Wang Xiaoni, tr Eleanor Goodman 王小妮 1966 : 火车头》

(RPR-12) “Painless” — by Yerkex Hurmanbek, tr Roddy Flagg 叶尔克西 ·胡尔曼别克 《无痛》

(RPR-16) “There is Nothing to Bind Our Hearts Together”— by Sabrina Huang, tr Jeremy Tiang 黃麗群 《无物结同心》

(RPR-20) “Xie Bomao, R.I.P.” — by Lu Min, tr Helen Wang 鲁敏 《谢伯茂之死》

(RPR-21) ”A Second Pregnancy, 1980” — by Lu Min, tr Helen Wang 鲁敏 1980年的第二胎》

(RPR-23) “Disappointing Returns” – by Yan Geling, tr David Haysom 严歌苓 《赔钱货》

(RPR-26) “Dreaming of My Father”, by Liglave A-wu, tr Kristen Pie 利格拉乐.[女乌]: 《梦中的父亲》

(RPR-27) “Venus” – by Chen Xue, tr Josh Stenberg 陳雪: 《维纳斯》

(RPR-38) “That Damned Thing She Said” – by Fu Yuli, tr Nicky Harman 傅玉丽: 《一句该死的话》

(RPR-39) “Dummies”- by Hon Lai-chu, tr Karen Curtis 韓麗珠: 《木偶》

(RPR-41) “Snow” – by Xu Xiaobin, tr Nicky Harman and Natascha Bruce 徐小斌: 《雪》

(RPR-44) “Ying Yang Alley” – by Fan Xiaoqing, tr Helen Wang 范小青: 《鹰扬巷》

(RPR-45) “Self-Portrait” – by Zhang Xinxin, tr Helen Wang 张辛欣: 《自画像》

(RPR-47) ”Dark Alley” – Wang Anyi, tr Canaan Morse 王安忆: 《黑弄堂》

(RPR 53) “One Day, One of the Screws Will Come Loose” – by Li Jingrui, tr Luisetta Mudie 李静睿《我相信会有一颗松掉的螺丝钉》


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Yi Bei has written extensively on another woman writer Lu yin 庐隐

susan, August 2, 2016, 3:53p.m.


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