Han Han …listed as a global figure

By Nicky Harman, published

New Statesman, the British socialist weekly magazine, includes Han Han, writer, racing–driver and blogger, at number 48 in its list this week of 50 People who matter 2010. The rest are an eclectic group of the world’s great, the good and the not so good…About a quarter of them are women, only one of whom, Angela Merkel, is in the top ten. There’s one other Chinese, Xi Jinping, at number 4 (up from 10 last year).


# 1.   

I guess I never understood why he's so big. I used to teach at his school (松江二中). The students there told me he said things you weren't supposed to say about school and that he had a rebel image. I used to get calls all day, every day to my room there (always from girls). "Is Han Han there?" - it drove me nuts. Started playing with them a bit. "Is Han Han there?" - "Maybe." "What? I asked is Han Han there." - "May.....be...."

Ian Clark, October 2, 2010, 4:34p.m.


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