International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong

By Lucas Klein, published

The International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong, organized by Bei Dao 北島, will take place from the 10th to 13th of November. Ten Chinese-language poets and ten international poets will give readings and participate in roundtable discussions at various locations around Hongkong. The Chinese-language poets are: Chen Ko-hua 陳克華 (Taiwan), Ling Yu 零雨 (Taiwan), Luo Chih Cheng 羅智成 (Taiwan), Tian Yuan 田原 (PRC, resides in Japan), Wong Leung Wo 王良和 (Hongkong), Xi Chuan 西川 (PRC), Yao Feng 姚風 (PRC, resides in Macau), Yip Fai 葉煇 (Hongkong), Yu Jian 于堅 (PRC), and Yu Xiang 宇向 (PRC). For more information see the Notes on the Mosquito blog and the Poetry Nights' website for full details and to register.


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Also, a multi-lingual anthology and pocket-sized volumes of the work of all 20 participants--with many translations into English by members of the Paper Republic community--will be on sale throughout Hongkong.

Lucas Klein, October 21, 2011, 9:48a.m.

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I'll be there to write up events for PR.

Canaan Morse, October 21, 2011, 9:52a.m.


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