Liao Weitang 廖伟棠

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Liao Weitang was born in Guangdong province in 1975 and later moved to Hong Kong. He began writing in 1989 and has received the Hong Kong Youth Literature Award, the Hong Kong Chinese Literature Award, the China Times Literature Award, the United Daily News Literature Award, the Floral Trail Award for Novels, the Genesis Poetry Award, and the Hong Kong Biennial Award for Chinese Literature. Across Greater China, he has published collections of poetry, including Black Rain is Coming, Roaming Hong Kong with a Ghost, Barbaric Night Song, and Thoughts on Eight Feet of Snow. He has also authored commentaries, which include Record of Leaving the Outlying Islands and The Wandering Eyes; collections of essays including Let’s Exit This Place, Leaving Only Light, Wearing Flowers Wandering at Night, and Bohemian Hong Kong; photographic collections including Lonely China and Paris: Untitled Film Stills; and story collections such as War Game in Eighteen Alleys.