Hongling Zhang 张洪凌

Hongling Zhang (张洪凌) is a freelance writer and translator based in St. Louis Missouri. Her translation of Wang Xiaobo’s three novellas, Wang in Love and Bondage, co-translated with Jason Sommer, was published by SUNY press in 2007. Her short stories in English and literary essays in Chinese have appeared in Tampa Review, The Riverfront Times, Century China and other internet magazines. She teaches Chinese full-time at Mary Institute and Country Day school and fiction writing part-time in college. She is currently working on a novel on her own and is collaborating with Jason Sommer on another translation project.

Other Writings and Translations by Hongling Zhang

Paper Cranes by Hongling Zhang, published by Tampa Review in 2007

2015 by Wang Xiaobo, co-translated with Jason Sommer and published by Tri-Quarterly in November, 2005

The Butterfly Laughs by Tie Ning, co-translated with Jason Sommer. This fine short story of Tie Ning’s will appear in the forthcoming issue of Boulevard in October, 2010.



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