Popular Chinese Fiction Books

By Helen Wang, published

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Popular Chinese Fiction Books...

Popular Chinese Fiction Books (in alphabetical order)
Alai – Red Poppies: A Novel of Tibet
Ba Jin (Pa Chin) – Cold Nights
Pearl S. Buck – Dragon Seed
Pearl S. Buck – The Good Earth
Can Xue – The Floating Cloud: Two Novellas
Cao Xueqin – Dream of the Red Chamber
Chan Koonchung – The Fat Years
Iris Chang – The Rape of Nanking
Da Chen – Brothers: A Novel
Amy D. Dooling – Writing Women in Modern China: The Revolutionary Years, 1936-1976
Zhihua Fang – Chinese Short Stories of the Twentieth Century: An Anthology in English
Feng Jicai (Chi-Tsai Feng) – Ten Years of Madness: Oral Histories of China’s Cultural Revolution
Feng Jicai – Chrysanthemums and Other Stories
Feng Jicai – Let One Hundred Flowers Bloom
Feng Jicai – Voices from the Whirlwind
Gao Xingian – Buying a Fishing Rod for my Grandfather
Gao Xingjian – Soul Mountain
Arthur Golden – Memoirs of a Geisha
Guo Xiaolu – A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers
Guo Xiaolu – Twenty Fragments of a Ravenous Youth
Guo Xiaolu – Village of Stone
Ha Jin – A Free Life
Ha Jin – In the Pond
Ha Jin – The Crazed
Ha Jin – Waiting
Ha Jin – War Trash
Jiang Rong – Wolf Totem
Jiang Yang – Lost in the Crowd: A Cultural Revolution Memoir
Jin Yong – The Eagle-Shooting Heroes (Condor Trilogy)
Ke Yunlu and Zhang Xianliang – Prize-winning Stories from China, 1980-1981
Lao She – Beneath the Red Banner
Lao She – Cat Country: A Satirical Novel of China in the 1930s
Lao She – Crescent Moon and Other Stories
Lao She – Gens de Pékin
Lao She – Heavensent
Lao She – Histoire de ma vie
Lao She – Luotuo xiangzi/Camel Xiangzi (dual Chinese- English text)
Lao She – Messieurs Ma, Père et Filsroman
Lao She – Rickshaw Boy
Lao She – Teahouse
Janice K. Lee – The Piano Teacher
Li Yiyun – The Vagrants
Diane Wei Liang – The Eye of Jade (A Mei Wang Mystery)
Liu Hong – Wives of the East Wind
Lu Xun – The Complete Stories of Lu Xun
Lu Xun – The True Story of Ah Q
Ma Jian – Beijing Coma
Mao Dun – The Shop of the Lin Family & Spring Silkworms
Mian Mian – Candy
Anchee Min – Red Azalea
Anchee Min: The Last Empress (Empress Orchid)
Mo Yan – Big Breasts & Wide Hips
Mo Yan – Life and Death Are Wearing Me Out
Mo Yan – The Garlic Ballads
Mo Zhi Hong – The Year of the Shanghai Shark
Katherine Paterson – Rebels of the Heavenly Kingdom
Pu Songling – Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio
Qiu Xialong – A Case of Two Cities
Qiu Xiaolong – Death of a Red Heroine
Qiu Xiaolong – The Mao Case
Qiu Xiaolong – When Red is Black
Lisa See – Peony in Love
Lisa See – Shanghai Girls
Lisa See - Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
Shan Sa – The Girl Who Played Go
Su Tong – Raise the Red Lantern: Three Novellas
Sun Li – Stormy Years
Amy Tan – Saving Fish from Drowning
Amy Tan – The Bonesetter’s Daughter
Amy Tan – The Joy Luck Club
Amy Tan – The Kitchen God’s Wife
Helen Tse – Sweet Mandarin
Gail Tsukiyama – The Language of Threads
Unknown author – Contemporary Chinese Fables 2
Anyi Wang – Lapse of Time
Peggy Wang – The Magic Ark: The Adventures of ‘Tiny Wang’
Wang Anyi – The Song of Everlasting Sorrow: A Novel of Shanghai
Wang Gang – English: A Novel (audio CD)
Wei Hui – Shanghai Baby
Eva Wong – Seven Taoist Masters: A Folk Novel of China
Timothy Wong - Stories for Saturday
Xiao Hong – The Dyer’s Daughter: Selected Stories
Geling Yan – The Banquet Bug
Geling Yan – The Uninvited
Yan Lianke – Serve the People!: A Novel
Ye Zhaoyan – Nanjing 1937: A Love Story
Yu Hua – Brothers
Zhang Xianliang (Chang Hsien-Liang) – Half of Man is Woman


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Waiting for someone else to make a snarky remark about Iris Chang's "The Rape of Nanking" appearing in the top-10 of a Chinese FICTION book list...

Tom Carter, March 17, 2012, 12:47a.m.


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