Chinese Arts and Letters, vol. 2, no. 1 is out!

By Helen Wang, published

Featuring authors Ye Zhaoyan, Qian Zhongshu, Ding Jie, Xu Zechen, Pang Yuliang, Tao Wenyu and Han Dong.

CAL, vol. 2, no. 1 (April 2015) Contents - see below
Editor’s Note: Yang Haocheng (杨昊成)
Featured Author: Ye Zhaoyan (叶兆言)
Police Python 357, by Ye Zhaoyan, tr Helen Wang
The Writer Ms. Lin Mei, by Ye Zhaoyan, tr Jesse Field
Murder Capital, by Ye Zhaoyan, tr Shelly Bryant
Bear the Loneliness of a Narrator – On reading Ye Zhaoyan’s fiction, by Yan Jingming
Interview: The Pleasure that Writing Brings Me. An Interview with Ye Zhaoyan, by Cao Kou
Special Articles on Qian Zhongshu (钱钟书)
Qian Zhongshu and Oxford University, by Frances Cairncross and Li Chen
Qian Zhongsu and Italy, by Tiziana Lioi
Snuggling (excerpt), by Ding Jie (丁捷), tr Fernando Arrieta and Shaomian Deng
Short Stories
The Mirror and the Knife, by Xu Zechen (徐则臣), tr Florence Woo
Nine Years, by Xu Zechen (徐则臣), tr Florence Woo
The Crevice, by Pang Yuliang (庞余亮), tr Kim Hunter Gordon
Preparing to Read Some Prose, by Tao Wenyu (陶文瑜), tr Shelly Bryant
The Flavor of Remembering, by Tao Wenyu, tr Shelly Bryant
Four-Fourteen, by Tao Wenyu, tr Shelly Bryant
Han Dong’s Poems, by Han Dong (韩东), tr Nicky Harman
A Privately Run Courtroom, by Zhu Zhu (朱朱), tr Denis Mair
Reformist Baroque (on Liu Dahong 刘大鸿), by Geremie R. Barmé

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Qian Zhongshu and Oxford University

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