China to publish over 200 science fiction books in 2012

By Helen Wang, published

From Chinese Science Fiction Newsletter, December 2011:

In 2012 Mainland China will produce two hundred Science Fiction Books...

According to statistics from the Chinese Science Fiction Industry Website, continuing after the high tide of science fiction publishing in 2010, in 2012 more than ten publishing houses will be putting out their own science fiction books. Academic texts on science fiction will set a new record of thirty books. The atmosphere created by the high number of science fiction collections and science fiction novels from Taiwanese and overseas Chinese authors being published is one that hasn’t been seen in more than ten years. Beyond that, the competition among publishing houses for the rights to publish novels of new authors and overseas science fiction books is a notable point. The prediction of more than 200 science fiction books of all types to be published in 2012 would be second only to the record of 276 in1999. It is worth mentioning that the famed author Han Song’s original “money-loser”2066 Red Star Over America is being republished in January 2012. Heeding the encouragement of the passion for science fiction in the mainland, famed Taiwanese science fiction authors Huang Hai, Zhang Zhijie and others have announced that they will be writing new science fiction novels.


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