A Selection of 13 Yunnan Poets

By Helen Wang, published

From Ethnic China Lit

GoKunming features a short review of a new collection of poetry in Chinese entitled <云南十三人诗选> (A Selection of 13 Yunnan Poets). The poets featured are:
Fengren Yuma (蜂人与马)
Fu Ziwen (伏自文)
He Wenzhao (和文朝)
Hei Niao (黑鸟)
Li Xuliang (李续亮)
Lu Wei (陆薇)
Shang Zhengcan (尚正灿)
Shi Yuanxi (施袁喜)
Wu Yunli (吴云粒)
Yang Qing (杨青)
Yang Xiaowen (杨晓雯)
Ye Feng (野风)
Zhang Xiangwu (张翔武)


# 1.   

I'm curious why Yu Jian 于坚 wasn't part of this book.


Lucas Klein, March 19, 2012, 1:17p.m.

# 2.   

Yes, his omission is notable.

My guess: he is widely published and the compilers felt it was time to promote some other, less-known Yunnan poets. Take Flash Cards, for instance, a collection of his poetry published in English.

Or perhaps the compilers excluded him because he just ain't Yunnan enough; turns out that this poet who is so associated with Kunming was reportedly born in Ziyang, Sichuan...

Bruce Humes, March 20, 2012, 12:50a.m.


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