Eva Hung

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Editor-at-large, Renditions from 2005.

Her translations of fiction include:
"Traces of Love" by Eileen Chang, Renditions No.45 (Spring 1996), pp.112-127.
Revised version collected in Eileen Chang, Traces of Love and Other Stories, ed. Eva Hung, Renditions Paperbacks, 2000, pp.92-125.
"Fin de Siecle Splendour" by Zhu Tianxin, Chinese Literature: the Modern Tradition, ed. Joseph S.M. Lau and Howard Goldblatt (New York: Columbia University Press, 1995), pp.444-459.
"The Colours of Love" by Xiao Sa, Renditions Nos. 35/36 (1991), pp.103-120.
"A Handsome Youth Tries to Avoid Suspicion But Arouses It Instead", in Li Yu: Silent Operas, ed. Patrick Hanan, (Hong Kong: Renditions Paperbacks, 1990), pp 43-74.
(and Agnes Tang) "Missing" by Su Weizheng, in Contemporary Women Writers: Hong Kong & Taiwan, (Hong Kong: Renditions Paperbacks, 1990), pp.89-112.
"Home-coming" by Yi Shu, Renditions Nos.29/30 Special Issue on Hong Kong (Spring & Autumn 1988), pp.108-113.

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