Chen Zeping


Chen Zeping, professor of Chinese linguistics at Fujian Normal University, Fuzhou, has written more than thirty articles and papers for professional journals and international conferences. He has taught for extended periods at Southern Oregon University and at Ehime University in Matsuyama, Japan--and was subsequently invited to present a series of lectures in Japan. He has also taught for brief periods in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Chen typically translates in conjunction with Karen Gernant. Writers they have translated include Guo Xuebo, Jin Renshun, Ji Xiaotai, Alai, Can Xue, Su Tong, Bei Cun, Wei Wei, Yan Lianke, Lin Bai, Zhu Wenying, Zhang Kangkang, Shi Tiesheng, Chi Li, Zheng Xiaolu, Zhang Yihe, and A Yi. About forty of Gernant and Chen’s translations have appeared in a variety of literary magazines: Chinese Literature, Manoa, Conjunctions, Turnrow, Black Warrior Review, Words Without Borders, Ninth Letter, Pathlight, and (forthcoming) Chutzpah!



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