Yu Hua: Inconsistent Censorship


Wait...a balanced, truthful, well-considered opinion about China, posted in the New York Times?

Could - could it be the NYT's Beijing Bureau is finally moving away from poorly informed, ideologically rigged reportage and toward transparent journalism? A miracle!

Oh, wait...Yu Hua wrote it...


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Personally, I don't expect strictly "truthful" reportage from the NYT . . . or Paper Republic for that matter. I think most of us are adults who can think for ourselves.

For a backgrounder on the Chinese edition of the New York Times, which increasingly directly commissions and runs opinion pieces by Chinese writers before they appear in the English edition, see my New York Times Chinese Edition.

Bruce, March 2, 2013, 3:28a.m.

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My impression of the NYT's coverage of China has been that it allows political agenda to shape (and therefore distort) the nature of reported content. Even articles that don't relate to the CCP's monopoly of power or the country's deteriorating environment include "reminders" to that effect, written in exaggerated language. This tendency, in the hands of reporters who simply don't know enough, results in biased and sometimes highly inaccurate, i.e., untruthful reporting, such as in this article about Guo Degang.

Bruce, if you actually have something to contribute to this website or any of its postings, we would all appreciate it if you'd post it here, instead of funneling viewers directly over to your own site. Providing new information to the Paper Republic community and using us as a springboard for your own platform are entirely different things.

Canaan Morse, March 3, 2013, 11:28p.m.


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