Wuhan Author Fang Fang and her "Quarantine Diary" (封城日记)


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Over at chinese-shortstories.com, Brigitte Duzan has just (March 8) posted a very topical, moving and insightful essay featuring excerpts from 封城日记 (Quarantine Diary), by Wuhan-based author Fang Fang (方方). Duzan's piece shines the light on writers and intellectuals who, despite censorship, are speaking out on the very taboo subject of China under the Coronavirus lock-down. It touches on a cast of writers and intellectuals, as well as literary genres, including Yan Lianke (阎连科), Lu Xün (鲁迅), Xie Bingying (谢冰莹) and her Army Diary (从军日记) of the 1930s, professor Dai Jianye (戴建业), Hu Shuli (胡舒立) and controversial reportage by Caixin magazine that she heads, and more.

Worth a read:

La quarantaine à Wuhan : chronique de Fang Fang, poèmes et autres témoignages

attached to: Fengcheng Riji


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Even Fang Fang is based in Wuhan, it is not necessary that she knows so much about what really happens in the city because like many others she is forced to stay at home for mandatory isolation and the info she can get is from TV or the Internet, no different from other netizens.But she may have said the right things in her work, because many things in China remain unchanged since Emperor Qinshihuang.

Wang Lifei, March 11, 2020, 3:10p.m.

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For English version of Fang Fang's censored post, click on the following link:

As Long as We Survive

Bruce Humes, March 12, 2020, 1:46a.m.


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