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SCMP Interviews Yu Hua

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One thinks of the hidden time bombs that explode about a decade after they were set. Are these metaphors for shocks to the Chinese psyche such as the Cultural Revolution or, to quote Yu, China’s current “societal progress [which] has already damaged an entire generation of young people who revere materialism”.

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"Societal progress"? Or did Yu Hua mean "social engineering projects" that went awry?

As we watch the ominous nationwide launch of the Orwellian "Social Credit System," and the way that other provinces and regions -- including Hong Kong! -- are being ordered to send delegations to Xinjiang to "study" the autonomous region's supposedly state-of-the-art anti-terrorism techniques, I can't help but feel China is once again becoming a huge laboratory for social engineering.

The last time around it was called a "Cultural Revolution," and it didn't turn out so well...

Bruce Humes, December 12, 2018, 4:23p.m.


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