Science Fiction Studies - special issue on Chinese Science Fiction

Great Wall Planet: Introducing Chinese Science Fiction, by Yan Wu, tr. Wang Pengfei and Ryan Nichols.
Chinese Science Fiction: A Response to Modernization, by Han Song
Beyond Narcissism: What Science Fiction Can Offer Literature, by Liu Cixin, tr. Holger Nahm and Gabriel Ascher
Science Fiction for the Nation:Tales of the Moon Colony and the Birth of Modern Chinese Fiction, by Nathaniel Isaacson
“A Tale of New Mr. Braggadocio”: Narrative Subjectivity and Brain Electricity in Late Qing Science Fiction, by Shaoling Ma
Alterity and Alien Contact in Lao She's Martian Dystopia, Cat Country, by Lisa Raphals
Variations on Utopia in Contemporary Chinese Science Fiction, by Mingwei Song
Gloomy China: China's Image in Han Song's Science Fiction, by Jia Liyuan, tr. Joel Martinsen
Translation and the Development of Science Fiction in Twentieth-Century China, by Qian Jiang
Voyage into an Unknown Future: A Genre Analysis of Chinese SF Film in the New Millennium, by Wei Yang


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Text abstracts and the full version of Wu Yan's introductory article are available on the SFS website.

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