Flap over Man Booker Int'l Prize, Part II


"A lot of translation -- far more than most publishers and even critics are willing to acknowledge -- is real crap," notes the Literary Saloon...


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I'm not familiar with Mr. Orthofer and this was my first time perusing the Literary Saloon site. I hope he would consider the necessity of providing examples for his own statements, there being a difference between "opinionated" and "unfounded."

I'd also suggest he find himself another middle name, if he really wants to sound like a library-dust Classics scholar.

C.R.O. Morse

Canaan Morse, May 27, 2011, 2:43a.m.

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Sturgeon's Law applies across the board -- I don't think translation is a special case.

The Literary Saloon can sometimes come off as a bit off-the-cuff, but that's the nature of blogs, I guess. Its parent site, the Complete Review, regularly posts thoughtful reviews of literature in translation, as well as pointers to reviews of other titles that the site hasn't yet gotten around to reviewing (or which it never will -- yes, it may be elitist, but at least it's transparent about it).

jdmartinsen, May 27, 2011, 3:25a.m.


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