Fiberead Helps Foreign Authors Break Into China’s E-Book Market

"One of the reasons Fiberead is able to get book ready for the Chinese market more quickly than traditional publishers is because it works with about 300 qualified translators... Fiberead’s revenue-sharing model gives 30 percent of money earned by a book to authors and 40 percent to its translators and editors. The company, which does not require a down payment from authors, keeps the rest..."


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Man, I would kill for those odds in Chinese->English translation.

Nick Stember, March 12, 2015, 4:36p.m.

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Whoops, quote got deleted:

There are over one million English books published every year, but only 10,000 are translated into Chinese and published in China,” says Jiang. “With such odds, getting published in China is very competitive. Most of the best writers in the U.S. never get the chance to be published in China.”

Nick Stember, March 12, 2015, 4:37p.m.


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