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Dylan Suher Reviews Eileen Chang's Little Reunions

Anyone who reads Little Reunions will understand the origins of the stifling, hypocritical families of her fiction. Julie’s mother is a distant, pathetic stranger who treats her more like a casual acquaintance than a daughter, and her father is perpetually obscured by a haze of opium smoke. She refers to them as Second Aunt and Second Uncle—their place in the baroque family hierarchy­. The endless network of cousins and concubines is less a loving family than a complicated business concern filled with unpaid accounts and threatened lawsuits. Semi-incestuous passions smolder for decades, and other secrets fester and rot.

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"情和欲,真是两码事,这是张爱玲关于情与欲的结语", just finished reading Angelica Huston's memoir. Her love life with playboy Jack is another testimony that man and woman is different species in the love court...

susan, April 24, 2018, 8:53a.m.


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