Beijing Dec 9-15: Ethnic Minorities Film Festival Schedule

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It doesn't say which ones feature English sub-titles, but most won awards abroad and have English on the poster, so I'd assume most or perhaps all do. Some will also have partial or full Chinese sub-titles, since they aren't necessarily in Mandarin.

Looks like 5 -- oops 7, writes someone in the know -- of the 14 are by Tibetan director Pema Tseden. One would have expected a few focusing on Uyghurs, but that minority has recently been reclassified as , erh, "problematic."

For Chinese notes re: plot and director, click on link.

Here's the schedule:

12.09 19:00 气球 2019 102mins ● ▲ ✦

12.10 14:00 撞死 只羊 2018 87mins ▲ ✦

12.10 19:00 水草 丰茂 地方 李睿 2014 103mins ✦

12.11 14:00 静静 嘛呢 2005 102mins ▲ ✦

12.11 19:00 老狗 2011 93mins ▲ ✦

12.12 14:00 2011 90mins

12.12 19:00 寻找 2009 112mins ▲

12.13 14:00 五彩 神箭 2014 88mins ▲

12.13 19:00 碧罗 雪山 刘杰 2010 93mins

12.14 14:00 塔洛 2015 123mins ▲

12.14 16:30 清水 刀子 王学博 2016 93mins

12.14 19:00 马贼 田壮壮 1986 88mins

12.15 14:00 拉姆 嘎贝 2019
110mins ✦

12.15 16:30 一次 离别 王丽娜 2018 90mins ✦

12.15 19:00 黑骏马 1997 105mins ● ✦

我们 嘎哈拉 ~ 《黑骏马》二十 三年 ~ 姚祖彪 2019 40mins 纪录片 +


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Got a bit of feedback after I put this up, so let me explain something here. Some hawk-eyed China experts noted that some of these directors ain't all that "ethnic."

Two terms one must understand as they are used in Chinese apparatchik-eseat least in the literary world:

民族 (题材)文学=writing about ethnic minority peoples, culture and lifestyle. Such writing can be done by a Han or a non-Han author.

少数民族文学=writing by ethnic minority writers about their own peoples.

So I'd assume that the "official" standard for a 民族电影 would be that the theme and spotlight must be on non-Han peoples and culture; by this definition, a film directed by a Han director could take part in such a festival . . .

 Bruce Humes, November 30, 2019, 12:50p.m.

# 2.   

yes sir. that's what you call in French "couper les cheveux en quatre" and applies perfectly to that subtle and constlantly moving 少数民族 concept when applied to literature and film. (note that Han writers and directors are much more reliable to treat that thorny subject than locals who are anyway in a process of rapid extinction)

Brigitte Duzan, November 30, 2019, 1:09p.m.


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