2017 Pen/Heim Translation Grants


Nick Admussen for his translation of Floral Mutter, a collection of poems by the contemporary Sichuanese poet Ya Shi. A master of disjunctive imagery, Ya Shi brings language to the precipice of the absurd and holds it over the abyss for all to see. Admussen’s translations, which are perfectly balanced and polished, recreate the source poems for us in a language the judges described as “haunting.” In an age when contemporary Chinese poetry is profoundly influenced by its eastern urban centers, Ya Shi stands out as an inimitable voice from the interior. (Forthcoming from Zephyr Press.)

attached to: Nick Admussen


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categories on setting prize is a funny business. yes? the best and the least expected ... consider here the translation of Byron's Childe Harold Pilgrimage by 苏蔓殊 later published in his collected work. It's hard to parse/match his mindset with that of Byron's. http://bbs.sciencenet.cn/thread-3108699-1-1.html

susan, February 6, 2017, 7:17p.m.


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