Paper Republic: Chinese Literature Matters

Women in translation – for China it's 20% (in the USA)

By Helen Wang, published

Chad W Post and two interns have been adding the author's gender to his database of translated fiction published for the first time in the US between 2008 and 2014. Here's the weblink to Chad's report.

Total figures: 2471 fiction translations, of which 657 were written by women, and 39 by both men and women. Percentage of female authors: 26.6%.
For poetry collections, it’s 169/571 collections by women (29.6%).

For China it's 76 male authors, 21 female authors (20%)

COMPARE the Read Paper Republic series, where 62.5% of the pieces so far are by female authors!

WHAT YOU CAN DO (without too much effort) – read the stories we’re posting on RPR and leave a comment – even a simple one – gives us an idea of what our readers like (and don’t like). Comments on all pieces (by male or female authors) are welcome!

WHAT YOU CAN DO (with a little more effort) – contact us at with suggestions. Perhaps you are a translator or a publisher, or are particularly interested in a certain author… See Eric’s intro for more info on how to get involved.


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I've added the weblink. NB - I copied the figures and percentages from Chad's report. (I miscopied the number of Chinese authors, and have now corrected this to 76.)

 Helen, October 6, 2015, 4:07p.m.


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