Paper Republic: Chinese Literature Matters

Three Treasures: Huzhu Mongghul Folklore

By Helen Wang, published

This collection of Huzhu Mongghul (Monguor, Tu) folktales, riddles, songs, and jokes features website links to audio files of the original tellers' materials for each folklore item, as well as a link to each item as retold by Limusishiden and Jugui, who collected the material in Huzhu Mongghul Autonomous County, Haidong Region, Qinghai Province, PR China, in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.

Published as volume 16 of Asian Highlands Perspectives.

At-cost hard copies are available here (26.18USD).

The PDF can be downloaded for free here Right click the PDF link below the abstract to download the file (36.2 MB).


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