Paper Republic: Chinese Literature Matters

Key Concepts in Understanding the Chinese

By Helen Wang, published

CMR Special Issue: Key Concepts in Understanding the Chinese (posted by "gchen" on H-ASIA@H-NET.MSU.EDU)

Special Issue: Key Concepts in Understanding the Chinese
China Media Research, Volume 7, Number 4, 2011

Content List
- An Introduction to Key Concepts in Understanding the Chinese: Harmony as the Foundation of Chinese Communication (Guo-Ming Chen)
- Face Dynamism in Confucian Society (Kwang-Kuo Hwang)
- Social Relations (Guanxi): A Chinese Approach to Interpersonal Communication (Ringo Ma)
- Favor (Renqing): Characteristics and Practice from a Resourced-Based Perspective (Yi-Hui Christine Huang)
- Reprocity (Bao): The Balancing Mechanism of Chinese Communication (Richard Holt)
- Politeness (Keqi): The Fragrance of Chinese Communication (Hairong Feng)
- Rites (Li): The Symbolic Making of Chinese Humanity (Xiaosui Xiao)
- Predestined Relation (Yuan): The Passionate and the Helpless of Chinese Communication (Hui-Ching Chang)
- Hierarchy (Dengji): A Pyramid of Interconnected Relationships (Shuang Liu)
- Chi (Qi) Process: The Interplay of Opposites in Selected Communication Contexts (Jensen Chung)
- Divination/Fortune Telling (Zhan Bu/Xianming): Chinese Cultural Praxis and Worldview (Rueyling Chuang)
- Book Review: Study on Chinese Communication Behaviors (Pei-Wen Lee)


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