Paper Republic: Chinese Literature Matters

Chinese Arts and Letters, vol. 1, no. 2 is out!

By Helen Wang, published

Please address inquiries or submissions to the editors at or (The deadline for inquiries for issue No. 3 is December 31, 2014; the deadline for submissions is January 31, 2015.)

CAL, vol. 1, no. 2 - Contents - see below

Editor’s Note: Yang Haocheng (杨昊成)
Featured Author: Huang Beijia (黄蓓佳)
Family Members (Excerpt), by Huang Beijia, tr Josh Stenberg
Critique : One Fabulous Family: On the Novels of Huang Beijia by Xiaohua and Wang Zheng (晓华 & 汪政), tr Jesse Field
Interview : After 40, Memory Is Still Engraved on My Heart: Interview with Huang Beijia—Shu Jinyu (舒晋瑜) , tr Jesse Field
Celebrate the Launch of Chinese Arts & Letters, by Hilary Spurling
How Can Chinese Literature Reach a World Audience?, by Howard Goldblatt (葛浩文)
Cast in the Poet’s Shadow: The Vicissitudes of the Blue Waves Pavilion, by Ye Yang (叶扬)
Short Stories
Xie Bomao, R.I.P. by Lu Min (鲁敏), tr Helen Wang
The Perfect Match by Zhu Hui (朱辉), tr Eric Abrahamsen
Family by Ye Mi (叶弥), tr Florence Woo
The Kitchen by Heitao (黑陶), tr Shelly Bryant
Ancient Dragon Kiln by Heitao (黑陶), tr Shelly Bryant
A Moment by Heitao (黑陶), tr Shelly Bryant
Architecture in Wu Guanzhong’s Painting by Shen Li (沈黎)


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I am interested in the English translation of Chinese literature. I embrace the coming of this journal!

sunhuijun, October 19, 2014, 8:42p.m.


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