Paper Republic: Chinese Literature Matters

Book Expo America 2015 - China sessions

By Helen Wang, published

Here's the My BEA Show Planner of events listed under the heading "Global Market Forum: China".
New York, 27-29 May 2015:

Wednesday, 27 May
• Children’s Book Publishing Seminar
• Donation Ceremony in USA of Japanese Invasion of China in Pictures
• Signing Ceremony of Strategic ST Book Cooperation between CIP and Elsevier
• Signing Ceremony for English version of The Diaoyu Islands: A Historical and Legal Study
• Book Launch for The China Dream
• Symbols of Jiangsu / Riverside China / Red-Boat Spirit
• Popular Book Publishing Seminar
• The Differences and Integration on Popular Music Publicaion of China and the US
• China’s New Global Strategies and Outlook for the Publishing and Media Industry
• Launch Ceremony of Civilisational Repositioning: China’s Rise and the Future of the Arab People with an Academic Forum on Cross-cultural Communication and Mutual Learning between Chinese and Arab people
• Construction of the International Academic Communication Platform and the Book Launch by SSAP
• Launch Ceremony of iChineseReader Graded Chinese Reader Library
• Xi Zhongxun in Yan’an / Nanjing Massacre / Cultural Rejuvenation – The Modern Value of Traditional Culture
• The Business of Publishing and Media in China and the US
Thursday 28 May
• Intercultural Translation and Publication of Literary Works in the Age of New Media
• Setting the Digital Stage: How Digital is Opening Joint Publishing Projects
• China Experience Series Publishing Seminar
• Strategies and Operative Tools for the Digital Transformation of Publishing
• Peaceful Development of China and China-US Relations
• Children’s and Young Adult’s Literature in China and America
• Publishing and Library Collection
• Signing Ceremony of International Strategic Cooperation between HUSTP and ITA
• Launching Ceremony of “What is Poetry” by Larry Li Lee
• Key Projects of Philosophy and Social Sciences Research of Ministry of Education
• Legend Art: the book launch of Zhao Lihong
• Literary Translation between China and the US: Status Quo and Perspectives
• East to West: seminar of children’s writers from China and US
• The Promotion of China’s Well-known Writers and Signing Ceremony of English edition of their works (True Self by Mai Jia, and I Will Be Old Next Year by Wang Meng)
• New Book Launch and Conference: The Role of Agents, Scouts and other Facilitators
• The Forum and New Book Launch – China Insight Series
• Overseas Chinese Ancient Books Catalogue Publishing Seminar
Friday, 29 May
• Gale Virtual Reference Library Signing Ceremony between PPM/Jiangsu People’s Publishing House and Cengage Learning
• Human Face Petroglyphs: from China to USA
• The Time of Our Lives
• Chinese Water Culture Promotion Series


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