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The Lost Boat


The Lost Boat

Wellsweep, (UK)

Jan. 1993

By multiple authors and multiple translators


The Brake-Stone tr. J.Q. Sun from 眼石 by Li Rui
Mistakes tr. Helen Wang from 错误 by Ma Yuan
The Mad City tr. Sally Vernon from 疯狂的城市 by Wen Yuhong
The Dry Ravine tr. Henry Y.H. Zhao from 干沟 by Yang Zhengguang
In a Little Corner of the World tr. Sally Vernon from 人间的一隅 by Li Hangyu
The Lost Boat tr. Caroline Mason from 迷舟 by Ge Fei
Fabrication tr. J.Q. Sun from 虚构 by Ma Yuan
One Kind of Reality tr. Helen Wang from 现实一种 by Yu Hua