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The first book in English by acclaimed Chinese-Canadian writer Xue Yiwei, Shenzheners is inspired by the young city of Shenzhen, a market town north of Hong Kong that became a Special Economic Zone in 1980 as an experiment in introducing capitalism to Communist China. A city in which everyone is a newcomer, Shenzhen has grown astronomically to become a major metropolitan centre. Hailed as a Chinese Dubliners, the original collection was named one of the Most Influential Chinese Books of the Year in 2013, with most of the stories appearing in Best Chinese Stories.


Shenzheners (

Linda Leith Publishing, (Canada)

Sept. 2016

Translated by Darryl Sterk, from works by Xue Yiwei


The Country Girl from 村姑
The Peddler from 小贩
The Physics Teacher from 物理老师
The Dramatist from 剧作家
The Two Sisters from 两妹妹
The Prodigy from 神童
Mother from 母亲
Father from 父亲
The Taxi Driver from 出租车司机