Paper Republic: Chinese Literature Matters

Music matters too.

By Cindy M. Carter, published

Literature matters; music matters, too.

Here are some of the best Chinese videos and concert performances I've seen.

Artist: PK 14

Song: Tamen
hysterical video that knows how to take the piss and employ stock footage

Artist: Second Hand Rose

Song: New Tricks
amazing performance by China's best drag band - Beijing CD Cafe Club 2003

Artist: Second Hand Rose

Song: Survival
in the mean streets (hutongs?) of Beijing, sometimes you just can't win

Artist: SUBS / Brain Failure

SUBS and Brain Failure at MIDI
MIDI music festival interview with SUBS,
live concert performances by SUBS and Brain Failure

Artist: Su Yang

Song: The Phoenix
live performance of gorgeous song
(there's an animated video too, but it lacks the appropriate pathos)

Artist: XTX and Cold Blooded Animal

Song: Who was it who brought me here?
Yunnan Snow Mountain Music Festival performance with gu zheng and ginormous kick-ass fog machines (in those misty mountain climes, fog machines seem a bit redundant, don't they?)

Artist: XTX

Songs: Living Underground and Circling Sun
live concert footage from Xiao Suo's memorial


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