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Chinese Internet memes, a blogging glossary

By Cindy M. Carter, published

Shanghai-based blogger chinaSMACK has compiled a bilingual glossary of Chinese Internet/blogging/BBS terms. Useful for beginning/intermediate students of Chinese and Luddite old China hands alike, the glossary entries include the Chinese character(s) being discussed, tonal notation and well-written English explanations. Particulary fascinating are the entries explaining how Internet-based cultural memes morph over time (see the entries on 很傻,很天真 and 很黄,很暴力, for example). Thanks to Danwei for the link that led me to the chinaSMACK site.


# 1.   

I found the choice of vocabulary very lame.

Many of these terms have been around for many years and have nothing to do with the Internet.

 Bruce, March 21, 2009, 10:59p.m.


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