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乌尔禾 (lit. Urho)

Novel by Hong Ke.

Hong Ke’s novel, Urho (乌尔禾, 红柯著), is set during the 1960s in the Zungharian Basin at the edge of the Gurbantünggüt Desert. This remote and rugged area of Xinjiang was once a favored hunting ground for the Mongol Khans when they ruled Cathay. A Han soldier back from the Korean front — dubbed “Hailibu” by the 乌尔禾封面 locals after the legendary Mongolian hero graced with the gift of understanding animal speech — runs a sheep ranch for the Xinjiang Construction Corps.


(as excerpt) Urho

Translated by Bruce Humes


Urho (excerpt) ( Ethnic ChinaLit Dec. 2015 Online