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万物生长 (lit. Everything Grows)

Novel by Feng Tang.

'Everything Grows' is the first book in the three book series which includes 'Give Me a Girl When I'm 18'and the recently published, 'Beijing, Beijing'. Feng Tang ironically dedicates this book to his mother 'This is how some boys grow up. Not many mothers know that.'

The book chronicles the growing up of Qiu Shui, a medical student at Beijing's top teaching hospital, through his relationships with two women. He has a college girlfriend, but in the process of supporting an older woman, Liu Qing, through her abortion, falls in love.

'Everything Grows', hailed by critics as a Chinese 'Catcher in the Rye', deals in the realities of the everyday, subverting mainstream ways of thinking and hypocrisy with a keen and humorous eye. It is beautifully written, drawing comparisons both with Wang Xiaobo, China's most insightful modern writer, and Wang Shuo, the King of 'liumang lit.'

Original Publications:

万物生长 China Youth Publishing House 2005, January (Mainland China)