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福布斯咒语 (lit. The Forbes Curse)

Novel by Wang Gang.

A story of sex, money and power among China's new elite that author Duncan Hewitt characterised as China's Bonfire of the Vanities, Wang Gang's new work in progress is slated for completion late 2009. Vol 1 was released in China in May.

Set in the new Beijing where the air is thick with pollution and expensive perfume The Forbes Curse tells the story of Feng Shi, a corrupt and ambitious realestate tycoon who also serves as a delegate to China's parliament. As his business empire begins to crumble around him, he has a chance encounter with the beautiful Jiang Qing, recently returned from America and on the lookout for a man.  They embark on a tempestuous relationship. As sinister political forces close in, they are forced to confront their real emotions.

In this gripping story, based on true events observed by Wang Gang during his time as an entrepeneur, fortunes are made easily but the parvenues of the business world still fear the hatred of the poor and arrest – or worse – if they fall foul of the authorities. This is the curse of those who end up heading the Forbes China Rich List.

Original Publications:

福布斯咒语 People's Literature Publishing House 2005, May (Mainland China)