Vagabond Press

Vagabond Press is a completely independent literary press that was established in 1999 out of the desire to open up a space for new writing. For over a decade we have published a range of established and emerging poets from Australia and more recently Asia-Pacific. Over the next decade, Vagabond Press aims to become one of the key publishers of Asian-Pacific Writing. Our books have won many of the major literary prizes in Australia, while our Rare Object Series has become iconic in contemporary Australian poetry, publishing many of the key emerging poets of the last decade for the first time. We are a small completely unpaid co-operative who volunteer time, work and effort out of a love of new writing and the communities around it. We do not receive funding but work on a not-for-profit basis and where possible against market forces (you’re right, poetry is perhaps the ultimate non-consumer good these days). The profit is in the books. (copied from publisher's website, December 2015)


I too am Salammbovagabondpress.netHong YingMabel LeeDec 2015Australia

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