Ye Zhaoyan 叶兆言

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Born in Nanjing in 1957 to a literary family (son of Ye Zicheng, grandson of Ye Shengtao). Studied at Nanjing University, then worked as an editor for the Jiangsu Arts and Literature Publishing House.

Evening Moor on the Qinhuai (Yebo Qinhuai) - a series of four novellas set in Republican-era Nanjing Flower Demon (Huasha) - about a Western missionary in China
Nanjing 1937: A Love Story (Yijiusanqi nian de aiqing) - a historical novel. Translated into English by Michael Berry.
The Flower’s Shadow (Huaying, 1994) - a decadent tale of incest and addiction, and the basis for Chen Kaige’s film Temptress Moon (Fengyue).


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