Yang Xiaobin 杨小滨


Yang Xiaobin was born in Shanghai and currently resides in Taipei. After earning his Ph.D. at Yale University, he successively held teaching and research positions at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, the University of Mississippi, and Academia Sinica. He served as a special editor for Modern Poetry and PoetryNow in Taiwan and has published collections of poetry including Across the Sunlight Zone, Landscapes and Plots, and Raising a Cup to a She-Sun, and he has also authored treatises including Negative Aesthetics: Artistic Theory and Cultural Criticism of the Frankfurt School, History and Rhetoric, The Chinese Postmodern, Atonal Cultural Moment, The Form of Sensibility, The Exile of Language, and Labyrinths, Vaudeville, and Strumming. In recent years, he has organized the “Post-Photographism: Trace and Palimpsest” exhibition in Beijing and Taipei, among other places, and he has published a collection of poetry about photography and the abstract, titled Palimpsest and Trace: Post-Photographism.


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