Qin Xiaoyu 秦晓宇


Qin Xiaoyu is a poet, critic, and poetic theorist, born in 1974 in the Inner Mongolian city of Hohhot. When he was in college studying to be an engineer, he started the literary magazine New Century and self published his first poetry collection, Degrees of Emptiness. His critical work Poetry After ’70, published in 2006 by Dunhuang Art and Literature Press, was described as having “opened new doors for the genre of poetic criticism.” In 2012, he published the critical collection Jade Ladder: Essays on Contemporary Chinese Poetry, which formed the theoretical skeleton for the anthology of the same name, compiled by Qin Xiaoyu, Yang Lian and W.N. Herbert, and published by Bloodaxe Books in the United Kingdom. His most recent collection is Drinking at Night. He has won the Liu Li’an Poetry Prize, and is currently a judge for the ArtsBeijing International Chinese Poetry Competition.


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