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Ed Allen



Ed Allen's biggest interest in literary translation is the work of Lu Nei 路内. He has translated Lu's short-story collection 《十七岁的轻骑兵》 A Crowd of Young Boys and novel 《追随她的旅程》 Chasing Girls, and is currently looking for international publishers. He is also translating Lu Nei's upcoming epic novel 《雾行者》 Mistwalkers.

He has, additionally, translated historical works by Ge Jianxiong (《中国移民史第二卷》 A History of Chinese Migration, Volume 2; 《同于与分裂中国历史的启示》 Unity and Division: Chinese History Revealed), investigative journalism by He Jianming (《红墙卫兵》 Red Wall Bodyguard; 《山神》 Mountain Spirit) (searching for publishers), and the novel 《半路家》 The Halfway House by Sheri Yan, a Chinese-American novel of redemption and love between inmates set in a fictionalized Danbury (searching for publishers).

He is pursuing a career in Chinese archaeology long-term, and his current project is a translation of 《中国考古学新石器时代卷》 Chinese Archaeology: Neolithic, with planned updated annotations. He has translated for the Chinese-language journals 《考古》 Archaeology and 《戏剧美术》 Theater Arts, and worked with the Forbidden City Museum on the Light of Buddha exhibition of 2018.

He has an interest in the poetry of 龚自珍 Gong Zizhen, a still unsung giant of Chinese poetry. He has degrees in Chinese history or language from the University of Cambridge (BA 2011), Fudan University (MA 2014) and Harvard University (AM 2018).



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